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Seven things that you must know before moving to Denmark Mesmerizing landscapes, fantastic food, a relaxed atmosphere and exciting work opportunities; would you like to move to a place that offers all this?

Well, there is a dream destination named Denmark where you can get everything that is mentioned earlier. This Scandinavian country is a wonderful place to live because of its temperate climate and fabulous people. Large seasonal variation in daylight is something that you need to get adjusted with, though. Once you are accustomed to it, no place is as enjoyable as Denmark is!

Read these important things before you apply for a work visa

Danish immigration laws are strict. Hence, it is advised that you should gather sufficient information about it. A few countries do not need a work permit. People of these countries are free to live and work in Denmark, e.g., Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. Hence, know whether you need a visa or not.

If you are skilled in a niche that has been marked as a critical skill in Denmark, then you can directly apply for the work permit.

Certified companies can hire and transfer skilled expats to work in Denmark under the Fast- Track scheme. Check if your skill falls into that category.

To enter Denmark with the purpose of building a career, you need to follow the Greencard scheme only. Whether you are eligible for it or not depends on several factors such that work experience, educational qualification, language skills and so on.

Expats who expect an annual compensation of 60K USD is applicable to the Pay Limit Scheme.

Research associates can get a residence cum work permit if they have a written job offer.

Even if you do not fall in any of the schemes, it is possible to obtain the work permit. Suppose you have a job offer for a position where no other suitable candidate is available, then you can get the work visa. It is obvious that these are highly skilled jobs and not mediocre ones. A wide range of work opportunities is there in Denmark apart from the conventional jobs. You need to be vigilant and alert about it.

For example, self-employed people, people related to art and culture, logistics people and people with exceptional academic or other achievements can expect exciting career option there. Detailed information can be sought by calling the Danish Immigration Service or browsing the Internet. You can find several websites with the appropriate information.

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